Pandora’s Dream

Some weeks ago I asked to host the conversations that would lead to the creation of Pandora’s long term plan.

What you need to know first though, is that Pandora is no typical business venture; Pandora is a band that started playing in Belgium sometime in the mid 2000’s. What started as a garage project of two sisters (Annie and Michele) who loved artists like Nirvana, David Bowie and Nina Hagen has the perspectives to become a lucrative business.

Pandora’s first LP, Melancholic Freedom, was released in the middle of January 2010 (one year after Roman, their drummer joined) and it was promoted in different media with the support of a European tour that has given them more than a handful of possitive reviews.

Annie has managed the band since its origin, and with a strong vision she lead the project to become what it is today: Belgium’s most successful newcomer.

As the scale of business operation has grown (more live presentations, merchandise sell, several volunteers  involved, etc.) together with the stakes all three band members have invested in the project while not having yet resources to hire professional business staff, it became clear to everyone that it was time to clear future projection and an action plan to ensure their long sought success.

What is very special about Pandora (besides the great music they produce that is enjoyed now in several corners of the continent and even in the USA) is the natural connexion existing between its members.

Hosting a process of appreciative inquiry that later brought to live a three year balanced score card, I learned Pandora has something many traditional business teams would envy: An outstanding capacity to suspend and presence.

I don’t know if this capacity is there naturally for the collective creative process they experience regularly (the environment of collaboration that Annie creates while producing   is also remarkable), but without many explanations, with only a few guiding questions, they had an intentional conversation that lead to a great result.

It makes you wonder: What is the connexion between the creative process artists experience and the creative process our business leaders go through? How could one foster business to come in touch with their source, their edge more often, to take the role of responsible and positive leadership Pandora as other artistic endeavours take?

I look forward to Pandora’s emerging success. These highly creative individuals are the voice of a generation concerned about rights, love, justice and most of all… freedom.

If you are curious to see a bit of them and maybe catch them live one of these days, visit:


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