New Leaders: Whole humans redefined

To reach greatness one has to have the foresight to reflect on past mistakes and evaluate what happen. During the process of personal development; mistakes will be made and though troubling and unfortunate; if one stops and thinks about what transpired an opportunity will be right before your eyes; if action is taken to correct the mistake. Most successful leaders understand the equation between blunders and working toward brilliance.

As we move toward a world of an open flow of information and communications through the eyes of the internet; our world will become more and more competitive. This phenomenon could be a fantastic opportunity and it could also be more challenging if not use for the right reasons. Therefore being well founded with your personal and leadership skills will be an absolute necessity and one must be able to not only be open to reflection but be prepared to redefine your personal a to meet emerging needs; based on your expected outcomes.

The fairly new world of the information age is something that one must learn to cultivate so that one can position oneself in a stature of value and appreciation. Our world currently is searching for people that will lead through wisdom who can demonstrate capabilities to perform in a new paradigm as seen never before. Individuals today must be smarter than ever before and must more prepared than ever before and so therefore be willing to redefine behaviors at mid stream and willing to serve. Personal and professional relationships just don’t blossom overnight as if it were done by accident; relationships are based on a give and take concept of understanding each other’s boundaries and respecting each other perspectives. The issue of reflecting on relationships at any level whether it be personal and professional is a dilemma that must be in motion all the time; the moment it ceases to exist is the moment that the breakdown of a relationship will begin to arise.

The philosophy of proactive thinking in the sphere of personal and leadership development is a manifestation that requires diligence in the area of teaching others the appropriate models to reach progress and making a positive impact in a world that is threaten with the potential for total chaos. Dr. Martin Lurther King Jr. once said “If something isn’t done and done in a hurry the whole world is doomed”. Dr. King in my view was not only speaking to the leaders of his day but the man was quite unique to say the least and from my perspective was speaking to leaders of future generations; as his statement is perhaps more applicable today than in his day; yet he gave his life for his convictions, as in my view, he was a man who indeed often reflected on his predicaments.

The leaders of the future must not only be well prepared but be equipped with the diversity to interact in a myriad of situations and different forums and diverse cultures and I am not speaking about people culture though relative but organizational cultures and social network cultures that promote growth networking with a twist to convey monetary message. As personal development occurs an individual will be thrown in with a pack of leaders and so therefore one will be placed in a complete different world as now one is in a leadership role loaded with responsibilities and accountable to others who are expecting you to lead.

Not long ago youth took a stand by not taking a stand. Today’s world demands from us to pick a side, make a call, take a stand. Our generation everywhere in the world needs to be ready to redefine their whole as progress emerges into a world full of opportunities waiting for the right person to carry on the banner of mankind to a world searching for peace and sustainable equivalence amongst all creatures living in the planet.


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