Live to wonder once more

Life has unexpected circumstances that make its sense and purpose unclear. Extreme circumstances that can cause you to lose any clear understanding of what life is… nevermind what it is about.

On my way back to the path of balance, I find myself struggling from time to time to recognice the beauty and value of the most simple, which it is in the end what makes life worth living, or to feel the passion to contribute to brind a planet and a humandkind to a new stage in evolution, in which all systems can co-exist together in harmony, as a whole…

Extreme circumstances though, make us too review all previews thoughts and conceptions and make us redefine them, just as we redefine ourselves from scratch.

The moments in which wonder is gone ,and the energy to thrive or inspire are simply not there, bring me a big lesson though… when you think you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. For hanging on a little bit longer will naturally bring a moment, if ephemeral, in which all has its natural place and in which the energy to thrive and to live come back.

Is that not the most natural and basic instinct of all? Survival means change, which as individuals and as a specie, we need.


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