On Inspiration and our Calling for Action

Conflicting Messages Leave 6 in 10 Young People Confused, Helpless and Apathetic. A pan-European study, commissioned by Sony Europe, revealed Europe’s next generation are confused by environmental messages and don’t know how to save the planet.

  • 6 in 10 children across Europe think that conflicting messages about the environment is confusing, leading them to feel helpless and apathetic about protecting their environment
  • A quarter of European children don’t know how to get involved with environmental issues and don’t see what difference they can make
  • Young people in Europe see large businesses and governments as equally responsible for tackling environmental issues

Commenting on the research Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, said: “Young people are often interested but can also be sceptical and pessimistic over the scope for real and decisive action on the environmental issues we all face.

Inpiration leads to action, our actions have impact in all spheres of human endeavour.

Every day we struggle to find sources of inspiration for our lives. It is my belief that an inspired life is not only lived naturally in happiness and balance but also in fulfilment, which radically resides on our contribution to the larger picture, the history of humankind and last but not least of all species and systems with which with more or less awareness we interact and influence.

Back in 2007, during my working term in AIESEC International, we called this abstract and complex conscription of thoughts and feelings “The Source”; in a memorable reflexion exercise we asked each other: What is the source from which we operate?

With a more pragmatic view at the time, I tried to answer this question as concretely as I possibly could by remembering moments of deep inspiration while exercising different ways of artistic expression or times in which I felt my work had been relevant and positive to the organization which led to a sense of personal fulfilment.

Today with three years more of accumulated experiences of all types, I realize that answering this question is more difficult than it ever was which means coming to a collective answer to this type of questions is a great challenge to get embarked in, because as we live our perception of the world evolves and increases in complexity.

If today I should come to a conclusion (which I haven’t as I see myself in a constant journey with the goal to answer these questions which will finally tell me what is my role in the world and to contribute to a sustainable future), I would say that inspiration and beauty are easier to be found in the moments in which we know who we are, we perceive the moment in which we are living and are able to embrace the positives and negatives trapped inside to let us actively and without preconceived limitations participate in that moment of time and space contributing intuitively to the good of the world.

And this changes every day, every moment for our lives, ourselves, our world changes and evolves every minute for which we need to be ready to partake.


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