The Road to Independent Practice

It can happen to anyone sitting on the life they planned; an idle moment, a feeling that changes everything.

What many experience as the “entrepreneurial bug” can be more or less scary depending on the clarity they initially have about their personal endeavour. For me, the initial feeling of this bug has brought me into a 2 years journey to really uncover what the call was behind the bug that decided to bit me. Why? Well, the more out of the traditional path your idea is, not only makes it harder to crystalize it’s “what”, but it can exacerbate the fear anyone starting on their own gets making the process even slower.

Deciding to become an “independent practitioner” of the different paths of social innovation and collective intelligence can get out of balance even those that know the theory of “how to make it work”. There is no news on milestones like “building a network”, “identifying a field of specialization” or “looking for financing sources”.

The vastness and novelty of the field, the amazingly global scope it has, makes the most attractive features of this path, the points of fear of those who decide to follow it.

Personally I have never met someone that chose for this path of conscious evolution and planetary alignment straight out of high school, the struggle to break old paradigms is key to future success, to personal enlightment and collective impact.

In the last months I submerged myself in which I sometimes like to call the “evolution of the corporate shark” the change beyond orange… better known in the field as the conversion from strategist to alchemist. The road seems to be long and filled with beautiful sights to be seen, bewildering experiences to be had… As for the learning I try to capture along this journey to find my unique role to truly contribute to the sustainable success of our planet and species I can so far come up with one advice I can give to other rookies on this high speed motorway:

  • Die to learn. Be eager, hungry to learn more, to experience more even from the least obvious.
  • Strive for the feeling of absolute creation and good.
  • Be open to discover the unexpected in yourself and others and be ready to embrace it.
  • Find an individual practice, go deep into it, and change it as much as much as it feels right.
  • Hold tight and just take the unexpected turns synchronicity will bring you and connect authentically to those you find.
  • And boldly said… Get the balls to follow your call fearlessly, daringly even if your finances will be harder to plan.

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