The Ultimate Privilege?

No matter how young we are, we are only able to feel youth at special moments. Those in which nothing is special happening, when a thought, a sound makes your body feel an implosion of energy that allows you to take a look at your life from the outside and you see movement, opportunity and change all around you and leaves you with a great realization “I have my complete life ahead of me”.

This powerful realization allows you to see all the options you could take and all that you could impact in different sorts ways, scopes, direction as well as feasibility.

An amazing electronic song, instrumental and loaded with low basses allows me today to feel the force of every beat on the top of my skin and makes me aware that I can feel two things that if not usually used as to describe feelings in any context constitute the ultimate privilege any human being these days could have: YOUTH+CHOICE.

If ephemeral, volatile… could it be called self-realization?

How could one classify something like this? Where does it fit in the context framework of traditional life for those like me, or anyone for that matter?


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