An A for Effort

From the time of forceps and surgical gloves
to the time of failed marriages and back to surgical gloves
can be a long time,
or it can be a very short time.

Sometimes we are loved
and sometimes we are judged.

In the absence of any binding moral code and no St. Peter,
we’re always on the lookout for new good behaviour meters,
like gold stars and Scotland Yard
and report cards,
like kisses…
like flashing knives,
like the highest of high fives.

So here it goes:
I’m not working to potential,
I’m barely there
and do the barest of bare essentials.

I know…

I don’t play well with others,
but as think i’ve pointed out
I have much younger twin sisters,
have a much younger brother,
I have an excellent father and mother
and I know they’ll sign my report card.


Here is my sensitive side,
here is my underbelly hide,
my weak spot, soft and white,
and in dragon versus knight
this is the part where you slay me
take my treasure,
never mind the fact I never terrorized your virgins
or set your village alight.

There is a wrong and there is a right.

But give me an A for effort, it’s not like I didn’t try.


December 2011


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