Curriculum design and the next big thing

For some unknown reason, my wonderful friend and true genius, Petroula Karagianni, thought I have a worthy opinion on matters education and decided to include a short interview with me on her side Melite.

You can find the full article here, and for those who want a sneak peak here is a tiny little bit to tempt to into visiting her wonderful site… Thanks Petroula!

  • Maria, if you could build the curriculum of your dream-school, how would it look like?

I believe the dream curriculum evolves constantly based on continuous feedback from a wide range of people (students, professors and scientists, industry leaders and mid management…). I am a strong believer of failing fast to learn fast.

  • Technology has been disrupting typical models of Education day by day globally. What do you think is the next big thing?

The rush to collect and use data should focus on how it could help school administrators, not teachers; Tracking systems improve accountability in the educational arena.

  • Education as a way to Work (employment or entrepreneurship). What are we doing well as society and where are we failing miserably?

CHALLENGE ONE: Entrepreneurship education in campus is mostly behind what is happening in the start-up communities in most metropolis of the world.

CHALLENGE TWO: Are universities offering spaces for students to really reflect on the nature of their talent?


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  1. It was a pleasure Maria! I found your insights really valuable and innovative! Thanks again!

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