Career Disrruption

I regularly struggle trying to come up with ways of “staying up to date”. Is there a skill I am missing and will be regular in the future? What can a Recruiter do with the current skills set if he/she is to venture into a new field? How can I stay on top of what is happening in the industry I work in?

Today, LinkedIn brought to me an article (“10 ways to disrrupt your career” from  J.T. O’Donnell) that suggests a structured and systematic approach to tackle those endless questions many of have.

I’ve taken the freedom to extract those 10 tips I considered good, and happy that I am doing some of them already, I will be trying the rest and looking forward to hear of anyone doing some of them.

1) Visit ( a magazine rack of blogs) and find 3-5 sites writing about your field or industry and subscribe to their email RSS to keep yourself up-to-date on what’s new and trending. – Definitely got to do this. For those catching articles to read later, I recommend Instapaper.

2) Take an online course that can be completed at your convenience. – Yes! I am taking an Online Computer Science course at Harvard. I believe I will be happy to show off my certificate once I survive it.

3) Attend a webinar in something indirectly related to your current area of expertise. – Online advertising, social media marketing, etc. Any respectable Xoogler (the loveable term ex-Googlers use to denominate themselves) has to stay on top of them.

4) Identify a project you can do on your own time that isn’t directly related to your job, but has an impact on the company. – Done and done.

5) Identify and create a “board of advisors” for your business-of-one and set up quarterly meetings with these people as a way to hold yourself accountable to developing your skills. – Could one for example set up bi-weekly meetings in the office in which people can talk about their goals and progress towards them?

6) Start a hobby career you can do part-time to develop a new skill set and earn a little cash. – I recently got the perfect OoO project falling into my hands. If things work out well for me next week several of you will see my work on a global scale again (something I dearly miss doing).

7) Write a guest post for an industry publication. – The published article on Melite, done and done.

8) Set a goal to meet 10 people that are considered experts in their field that somehow overlap with your own industry and ask them questions about what they do. – Like!

9) Put your current resume or LinkedIn profile text into and create a word cloud of your expertise to see what keywords are most popular. Then ask yourself, “Will these skills be relevant in 5 years?” – Interesting exercise with probably better visibility than the skills LinkedIn offers. 

10) Identify 10 companies that deliver products or services you greatly admire and set informational interviews with at least one person at each firm to learn more about where they see the future of their business. Then, ask yourself, “How could I use my skills to be a part of that?” – I indadvertedly do this here and there, but I like the goal of 10. Will not mention who they are for my own safety 😉


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February 17, 2013 · 8:38 PM

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