Thoughts to start hiring

I’ve learned the value of learning, growing and listening to others both personally and professionally. There’s value in hearing best practices, advice and other’s strategies especially when it comes to talent recruiting. Unfortunately, each businesses staffing, retention and hiring challenges are unique and there is no “one-size-fits-all” strategy. 

The discussion that’s happening around the perfect one size fits all recruiting strategy is interesting because it just doesn’t exist in today’s recruiting world. Within companies of all sizes and locations, recruiting teams, managers, and executives all struggle to hire and retain the best talent. The fact that is your size and location create their own unique challenges when it comes to hiring.

Understanding your company’s challenges is the first step into being able to recruit more effectively while overcoming hiring issues. Smaller companies have a harder time attracting top-level candidates because they’re not able to offer all the perks that more established companies bring to the table or in the case of companies established in a new market, the reputation powerful brands have. On the reverse, larger companies can struggle with being able to offer top talent career paths or customized roles that suit their ambitions. 

It has definitely not been the same to hire highly qualified and specialized people for a house hold brand internet giant with all resources imaginable as it has been to hire people with the same hiring bar for an unknown firm in a market where they are recently established and where there resources were extremely scarce. 

Before you can start evaluating working trends you must start researching. As with any project you undertake you must first research the issues that your company faces in your talent acquisition strategy. Whether it is that your location is dense with competitors or you don’t have available resources to deliver the same amount of perks or compensation. Find out a list of what’s working based on industry trends by researching then conduct these four methods of evaluation: 

Company employee surveys:
 One of the easiest and most honest ways of obtaining feedback is conducting an employee survey. The survey can be private so you’re able to collect honest feedback. This’ll give you direct insight into how your employees feel about the direction and overall culture for your company. This will help you improve tactics to better your organization making talent acquisition much easier. 

Focus group research: The use of focus groups to evaluate current practices and standards for your company will help understand the importance in a collectively thought-out environment. 

Benchmarking: If you’re going to implement changes within your organization its important to do so in a manner that allows you to see real results. Benchmark where you were prior to implementing better methods of talent acquisition strategies. This will allow you to understand the benefit or risks based on new strategies. 

Colleagues in the industry: Look our for experienced friends that are open to conversation. 9 out of 10 times they’ll even give you personal advice on what has worked for them or they’ll point you in the right direction. 

Finding the perfect fit for your company takes research, planning, evaluating, and sometimes repeating all of those. Look for industry standards, but don’t take them at face value because one thing that might hurt a company could potentially be very beneficial for your company. For instance, take a look at your content marketing strategy and make it one that excels. Companies stand out when they address candidates in a way that resonates with them and work on providing a candidate experience that emphasizes the qualities and uniqueness of the company. 


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