Sitting by the Side of the Road (Off topic)

This will be a post completely off topic, but I really wanted to capture the result of an evenning of casual encounters among travellers, an exit from darkness, connection through art and definitely a night to remember.

I hope it will say something to everyone as it did to all of us that night in Villavicencio.


I like sitting by the side of the road, having a smoke while everything flies by.
I like openning my eyes to realize I am alive.
I like dealing with the ocean’s backwash, it is then that you really need to sail in boats that won’t crash against anything.
I like living tormented by the sense of being, although I think this is the most difficult part.

We live in times, in which no one will listen,
in times in which we fight against one another,
in times of selfishness and greed,
in times in which we are always alone.

I should simply declare myself incompetent in every subject that is valued,
I should simply declare myself innocent, or I will have to become reckless and callous.

I don’t really belong anywhere, I consider myself alive and yet burried.
I made you a  music playlist, but time seems to have placed me somewhere else.

I will have to do what I shouldn’t, I will have to do good and cause damage.
Don’t forget that forgiveness comes from the spirit, and that making mistakes is a part of being human.

It is not good to make enemies that can’t measure up to the conflict,
they think they are at war, but they will pee on their pants like children running in a hunted house. They will immitate the artist, make it look like everything for them is shining while they are full of envy.

I was the sad and charming type, listened to The Beatles and hoped for wonder.
Books, songs and pianos. Movies, betrayal, mysteries. My father, beer, pills. Riddles,  bad whiskey. Hate and love, all scenarios. Hunger, cold, crime money and my relatives… they all turned me into the complicated type.

If you see me on the street sometime, give me a kiss and don’t worry much. If you notice I am thinking of something else, nothing bad happened, it was just the breeze. The breeze is there when the death in love flies by. It floats around me like a murderous angel, but don’t be affraid, it will fly by too. She is part of my destiny.

I like sitting by the side of the road, having a smoke while everything flies by.
I like remembering what is forgotten, to recall my old dreams when back at home, when I was just a little one that played outside.

No one promised me a bed of roses, I am only talking of the dangers of being alive.
I am not here to entertain anyone while the world is falling appart.

I like sitting by the side of the road, and I like that you are sitting next to me tonight.
I like sitting by the side of the road, and if you could sleep every night in my arms.

Sitting by the side of the road is not only more entertaining, it is also cheaper.


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