About Maria

Maria Ocampo is a Senior Human Resources Expert born in Mexico City on January 26th and is currently living in Bonn, Germany.

Her grandmother always steered her towards having a natural interest in people and her grandfather, a pilot,  fostered her passion for languages and discovering the world. Maria’s parents are renown experts on their fields of work and had a great influence in her decisions; Her father, an expert in computer science worked in the development and implementation of the software that allows monitoring the pollution levels of Mexico City when she was a young girl and continues to develop sustainable software solutions for multinationals in the country to this date while her mother, a passionate university professor and scholar has published several books on diverse business topics  before her doctoral thesis on virtual and long distance education.

It was Maria’s family that instilled in her a sense of responsibility for the world where she was living, to discover it and to make it better and impact people’s lives through technology and business.

At a young age and given the opportunity to work since the begining of her higher education studies, Maria gained a great deal of expertise in program management and strategic partnerships development through  AIESEC where she held several leadership positions in different countries until being elected as part of the global board of the organization, by creating, managing and delivering global multi-sector partnerships with the central theme of talent and technology.


Her experience has brought her to take Human Resources or Technology roles in leading organizations such as ThoughtWorks, Google, Accenture, DPDHL and IVU, having the opportunity to work as a consultant for the global employer branding teams of Coca-Cola, Kraft, TCS, UBS, PwC, Electrolux, Alcatel-Lucent, InBev among others.

Today, Maria wants to revolutionise the way Talent topics are perceived and the way they can contribute to the growth of an organisation, to make them evidence based, data driven, long term focused and overall tied to business strategies – and more importantly, she wants to achieve that by simply understanding the business core.

She works for Cornerstone OnDemand, the fastest growing organization offering Human Resources themed SaaS solutions. At Cornerstone OnDemand innovative thinking encouraged to help HR Professionals of all countries and levels of seniority to achieve their ambitious goals. Working collaboratively and consultatively, they pride themselves in working with their clients to come up with the best solutions using their expertise as HR practitioners and Technologists to help them succeed.

Also a facilitator and public speaker, Maria has spoken to audiences of 800+ people and 100+ countries. Fluent in Spanish, English and German with the ability to communicate in Dutch.

In her spare time, she enjoys discovering new countries in a bus, train, rickshaw or a bike or just having a good conversation at the corner’s bar.

You can find more about her and contact her through her LinkedIn profile.